A Traumatic Treadmill Run

A Traumatic Treadmill Run

On Monday I attempted to “exercise” for the first time in about 6 weeks. Boston was 10 weeks from Monday and it had been just one day shy of 4 weeks after surgery for me so I thought it was the right time. I stated by walking a half mile at a brisk 15 minute per mile pace. That went well. I decided to SLOWLY jog. I felt GREAT! I ran a slow mile- around a 14 minute pace. Then I decided to cool down. During my cooldown Anna came in the room and I instructed her to sit on the bed while I finished. It’s not really ideal but I figured she was tired of watching her show in the living room so I let it go. Then Anthony came in. I told him he could sit on the couch too. I could tell he was more interested in the treadmill so I told him 3 times VERY EXPLICITLY- “DO NOT TOUCH THIS TREADMILL.” I warned him he would get hurt or I would if he touched it. So he sat on the bed. I looked at the mileage on the treadmill and the next thing I know I hear a loud scream and Anthony is running out of the room down the hallway. I immediately stopped the treadmill and went to console Anthony and find out what had happened. Apparently he tried to touch it and two of his fingers on his right hand got caught up. The skin was partially ripped off and he was SCREAMING. I called the doctor, my mother-in-law and John. We decided to just clean and bandage it at home. We’ve been changing the dressing a few times a day. It’s been almost 48 hours now since then. What a mess!! One thing is certain- I am sure he WILL NOT be going near a treadmill for a long time!

All of that aside, I was a little sore that night and yesterday. It was more of my stomach being sore so I am not sure if that is just part of the process or if I need to slow down. I am going to walk/ jog again today (same mileage) and hopefully there will be NO injuries! We now have a new rule- NO KIDS ALLOWED IN THE ROOM WHEN JOHN OR I ARE ON THE TREADMILL!

I’ll let you know how today’s workout goes!

~Runner Mom

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