9 Weeks to Boston! 3 Miles down!

9 Weeks to Boston! 3 Miles down!

The countdown continues. Just 9 weeks to go!! To be honest, I am actually feeling a little better about it. Maybe because I actually started running! Last week I ran 3 days. I did a 1 mile, 1.5 miles and on Friday I ran 2 miles- outside with hills! I was a bit sore after Friday so I rested over the weekend. Then today after Ashton went down for his morning nap, I got Anthony & Anna situated with an activity so they would be fine on their own for a few minutes and THEN I got on the treadmill. Yes, it took a while but it was possible. How did I manage without a treadmill before? Seriously?! Anyway, I was only going to run 2.5 miles but since Ashton was still napping I decided to make it an even 3. 3 miles just sounds like somewhat of an accomplishment to me at this time. So I did it. Only 23 more to go. Tomorrow I will do 3 again. 9 weeks!!!

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