8 Under 9!

8 Under 9!

Another week of training done! What a week… The highlight run or the week was this morning. I met Kem to do 8 miles. My goal was to keep it under 9 minutes a mile and we ended up averaging 8:50! I am sore right now. I got my APB & protein smoothie and had a banana. I need to ice and stretch more but that is so hard with a busy schedule and a lot of kids!

This week’s mileage:
Monday- 4 mi.
Wednesday- 5 mi.
Thursday- 3 mi.
Saturday- 8 mi.
TOTAL- 20 miles

Next week will be a little more challenging. I will do 4 Monday and the plan is to run 10 on Tuesday. Yes, 10 miles. Then I’ll rest Wednesday and run Thursday (4) and Friday (3). I’m resting Saturday because the Little Rock Marathon is on Sunday- one week from tomorrow and we’re doing the relay. I’m running the first leg (6.2 miles). Not sure what pace to shoot for but I’m sure it will be faster than what I’m used to. So it will be a good pace run.

On another note… I had my 6 week post-op appt. with my OB. He said I was healing well and everything looked good and I should be able to start exercising again. Then he asked if I already had. He knows me too well. I told him I was just easing back into things. (My schedule just has the “easing” at a faster rate.) Then he asked me if I had any big plans for racing in the near future. Oh boy… I thought for a second but of course I couldn’t lie! So I told him. About Boston. So he knows. He took the news surprisingly well and just said if I still had 8 more weeks he was sure I’d be able to run at least half. He said if I need to walk a mile/ jog a mile I could. He just said to take it easy and listen to my body. I promised I would. I feel much better knowing he is in the know.

We also bought our plane tickets this week and reserved our rental car. So we are truly Boston Bound! Still not sure what I’ll do about the nursing situation but I will have to wait and decide last minute. That is probably one of my bigger challenges. Before EVERY run I have to time when he ate and how long I will be running. Not too much of a problem for shorter runs but anything over an hour makes it a little challenging. The upcoming long runs will help me decide what my body can handle. This morning it was quite a challenge. Ashton nursed an hour before my run so he was not hungry or even interested in eating right before I left. So I had to pump because I knew I would be too full and uncomfortable during the run. He is a little under the weather and not nursing as much as normal which made for one VERY full mama when I woke up this morning. I’m still learning how to juggle nursing a newborn and running longer distances. I’m NO expert but hopefully I’ll get better in the next 8 weeks!

Well, I better get going. Rocky needs me!


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