Month: February 2011

8 Under 9!

Another week of training done! What a week… The highlight run or the week was this morning. I met Kem to do 8 miles. My goal was to keep it under 9 minutes a mile and we ended up averaging 8:50! I am sore right now. I got my APB & protein smoothie and had a banana. I need to

A Need for Speed…

This morning I was in a hurry. I wanted to run and still make it back in time for John to go to work and Ashton to make it to doctor for a last minute check-up. We thought maybe he had RSV but he doesn’t. I was just paranoid but with a 6 week-old it’s better to be on the

I’m Back!!

Ahhhh! Pure running happiness! This morning I met my running girls for a Saturday morning run and it was GREAT! I have SO missed running with them and it felt good to be running outside like in the “old days.” This has been a good week. I am definitely improving and feeling better about my insane running plan. I ran

9 Weeks to Boston! 3 Miles down!

The countdown continues. Just 9 weeks to go!! To be honest, I am actually feeling a little better about it. Maybe because I actually started running! Last week I ran 3 days. I did a 1 mile, 1.5 miles and on Friday I ran 2 miles- outside with hills! I was a bit sore after Friday so I rested over

A Traumatic Treadmill Run

On Monday I attempted to “exercise” for the first time in about 6 weeks. Boston was 10 weeks from Monday and it had been just one day shy of 4 weeks after surgery for me so I thought it was the right time. I stated by walking a half mile at a brisk 15 minute per mile pace. That went

The Plan
The Plan

Yes, this is my CRAZY training plan. In case you are wondering what a 10 week marathon training schedule, following a c-section looks like this is it. I have absolutely NO IDEA if this is possible or how much “muscle memory” my body will have when I start back up. Well, not much to report in the in the running

Time Off

My baby is 3 weeks old today. I am feeling MUCH better and I know I am recovering and healing the way I should. I have one more week until I start exercising again. I am enjoying this time off but running has always been such a part of my life I truly miss it. I am ready to lose