New Year’s Resolutions- here we go!

New Year’s Resolutions- here we go!

I cannot remember the last time I actually sat down and made New Year’s Resolutions. I know I did it when I was young and living at home with my parents. I have actually given this year’s goals a lot of thought. 2011 has a lot of things in store and I guess I think that if I have specific goals it will help me succeed in meeting these goals.

Here we go….

SpirituallyRead through the entire Bible.
I have probably given this resolution the most thought and work so far. I have been wanting to read through my Bible for the past several years. And the wanting to read it is as far as I’ve gone. A few times I did read a chapter or two but that was it. In November, I purchased the “Message Daily Bible.” I started reading immediately so I could get a “jump start” on 2011. I knew I’d be having a baby in January so it would help me to get ahead. I have tried to read almost every night and I am starting 2011 already on February 8th! I can do it this year. I’m going to do it!

Family- Be a better wife and mother.
This goal isn’t very “specific” but our family is about to go through a pretty big adjustment. We are adding another family member within the next 10 days. John and I have gone though the new baby stage 3 times now. We currently have 3 talking, walking and potty trained children who still need us but in comparison to a newborn it’s easy. I’ve been praying that we have the strength and patience to do this one more time. It’s truly a team effort. Of course nursing is a HUGE part of it and that will be up to me but John helps out in so many other ways. This summer we are also celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I want this to be our best year of marriage yet. John has a lot going on with his doctorate and work so I want to be supportive and helpful. I want God to be the center of our marriage and work in our lives and in the lives of our children.

Health- Recover from surgery and childbirth and come back even stronger.
Right now this goal feels the most out of my control. I can barely even jog right now and the thought of running in a marathon less than 4 months doesn’t seem possible. So my first goal is to recover safely from the c-section. This will take a few weeks. When my OB says I can start exercising again (and if Ashton is doing well) then I will have to start with walking. Walking then jogging and we’ll see how I’m doing. Obviosuly if I’m able to do Boston it will just be to complete it. I can’t even think about a time goal. I would like to keep running in the summer months and add in some weight training. My first serious running goal will be the Soaring Wings Half Marathon in October. I would like to break my Half Marathon PR in this race. So I would like to break 1: 36. That will require about a 7:15 minute mile. I know I can do that. Very reachable. I just need to get back in shape and that is over 10 months away. Then in December I may do the St. Jude’s Half. It’s going to take a lot of organization to work out my running schedule with childcare during my runs. Plus, I can’t be gone too long from a new baby. So that will be my biggest challenge. For now, I’m going to enjoy my break. No running in January and even part of February. I can handle that!

So those are my big plans for 2011. Happy New Year!!

~Runner Mom

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