St. Jude’s Half Marathon and other running stuff….

St. Jude’s Half Marathon and other running stuff….

John with the kids and their signs waiting for mom and dad

Nana and Papa walk by!

After the race- They did it!!

First off, let me say I’ve made it to 34 weeks still running. It’s getting so HARD to do and today was not a good run by any means. 4 miles with Leslie at a 10:06 avg. The pace doesn’t bother me. The constant pressure building was the KILLER! I don’t mean to complain. I’m so glad Ashton is healthy and growing. I’m blessed that I’ve been able to continue to even run this long. I wish it wasn’t such a struggle to keep up with the running but I can work through this. I have 4 1/2 weeks to go. That sounds like a lot so I will just try to make it through this week first!
Ok, so the ST. Jude’s Half Marathon was this weekend and NO I did not participate in running or walking it. I DID experience cheering from the sidelines for the first time so that was pretty neat. John’s parents walked the Half Marathon- and at a pretty good pace I might add. They finished in about 3 hours and 34 minutes which is about a 16-17 minute mile avg. This was their first time to do anything like this so it was a very special occasion and we didn’t want to miss it. We were able to make it to one mid-race cheering location. It was actually closer to the finish- we saw them just after mile 10 and then we went to the finish. If it were just John and I we could have made it to a few more spots but it is HARD trying to find streets that aren’t closed, making through the traffic, parking, unloading kids, finding a spot to cheer and finding them in the crowd. It was VERY worth it once we saw them but not an easy task. I definitely have a new appreciation for spectators! Personally, I think it would have been easier to have run the race than to find a spot to cheer! They did a great job. I hope to participate in St. Jude’s next December. Probably not the full but the half would be good. I think one full marathon a year will be enough for me right now. One step at a time. Have baby. Then we’ll look ahead to Boston…
~Runner Mom

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