37 Weeks and 1 mile later…

37 Weeks and 1 mile later…

So the big news of the week is that little Ashton is now considered Full-Term! Yes, my boy can safely come at any time and that would be wonderful. Maybe he will surprise us a little early… Or he may stay put until my scheduled c-section on 1-11-11 (which coincidentally is exactly 2 weeks from today). Whatever the case may be I have 2 weeks or less to go.

The good news is that I am pretty much over the bronchitis and head cold I’ve had for over a week. The bad news is what it did to my running streak. Today I attempted running after an 11 day hiatus. My goal- to run 3 miles. I was not focused on pace- just completing it. I made it one mile jogging at a 12 minute pace and had to start walking. So I wrote down on my running calendar under today’s date- 1 mile. As pathetic as it sounds it actually looked better than all the 0’s from the previous week! So I must start with baby steps and NOT be hard on myself. Maybe this is preparing me for how it will be when I try to “come back” after baby Ashton is here. This whole process has been very humbling. I knew it would be tough but I had no idea exactly how hard running with a full-term baby would be. Tomorrow I’ll try again. I’ll try to do another mile. 🙂

~Runner Mom

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