Month: December 2010

Does Walking Count?!

So today my main goal was to improve upon yesterday’s workout. I slowed down my pace to a 13:30 minute mile. In the end I completed 3 miles in about 45 minutes. I walked about a mile of it during the course of the workout. Ashton can get in a position which shoots a sharp pain in my tailbone. I

37 Weeks and 1 mile later…

So the big news of the week is that little Ashton is now considered Full-Term! Yes, my boy can safely come at any time and that would be wonderful. Maybe he will surprise us a little early… Or he may stay put until my scheduled c-section on 1-11-11 (which coincidentally is exactly 2 weeks from today). Whatever the case may

A Week of No Running….

Yes, it has officially been one week since I ran. NOT because of any pregnancy issue but I am getting over bronchitis. It’s been a long week but I am telling myself that it is ok to take this break and my body needs to rest and recover. I need to be healthy before Ashton arrives and for right now

Made it to 35 weeks!

Yes, I am truly counting down the weeks now. Just 2 more weeks until I’m considered “full-term.” I have been running quite a bit on treadmills the past week. The temps have been in the 30’s and I am not waking up and running early in the cold by myself anymore. We still don’t have our own treadmill (hopefully within

My Birthday and My Baby

My sweet Baby Ashton at 33 weeks- also my 32nd birthday! Me with all my babies on my birthday. What a blessing! Roses from my sweet John. 4 for each of my babies and 1 for each of us. My sweetie and I. Well, I meant to post this last week but never got around to blogging so here goes…

St. Jude’s Half Marathon and other running stuff….

John with the kids and their signs waiting for mom and dad Nana and Papa walk by! After the race- They did it!! First off, let me say I’ve made it to 34 weeks still running. It’s getting so HARD to do and today was not a good run by any means. 4 miles with Leslie at a 10:06 avg.