A very FUN 5K with my girl!

A very FUN 5K with my girl!

The home stretch…
That’s my girl!

Finishing strong!

Me and my girl after the 5K

This morning was the Bison Stampede 5K here in Searcy. It was a very casual, relaxed race. In fact, they don’t even pass out numbers or give out awards. The course is relatively flat and makes a big loop around Harding and the neighborhoods near HU. A few weeks ago I signed up Abi, John and myself. My strategy this year was obviously VERY different than last year. Last year I focused on breaking 20 minutes- which I did and was pretty happy about doing. This year my goal was to have fun running with Abi- something I don’t do very often. This was her 2nd 5K road race.

The first few minutes were the hardest. she was a little cold and not sure about doing it at all. After we got warmed up she was fine. I tried to talk to her and distract her so she wouldn’t focus on running. She got very excited when we passed her school which was just after the one mile mark. She never got a side stitch and we ran the whole time!

Our total time was about 37:37. (This is about a 12 minute mile for 3 miles plus the .1) Pretty good for a 6 year-old. I am so proud of her. I really enjoyed running with her today. I think even more than I enjoyed having my best post-graduate 5K time like I did last year. I look forward to a day when we can go on longer runs together and maybe even a day when she totally crushes me in a 5K and I can’t keep up. I don’t like to beat but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind it if it was her!

~Runner Mom

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