Runner Mom and Shutterfly

Runner Mom and Shutterfly

Yes, I am super excited about a special promotion Shutterfly is doing. Basically, they are giving away 50 free Christmas cards if you blog about it! Personally, I have been using Shutterfly for about 4 years now. I’ve made “Baby’s First Year” albums for my youngest two on Shutterfly and every year at Christmas I make a smaller album for grandparents. I also make a large annual album just for our family. This is my FAVORITE way to scrapbook. No printing off millions of pictures and no more cutting and taping! It is super easy using Shutterfly! For more info on Shutterfly albums visit:

I also make family calendars for both sides of the family. It’s become such a tradition I don’t see how I could ever stop! They are great Christmas gifts! For more info go to:

Over the years, I have also bought many cards and I’m excited to do maternity/ Christmas family pics this year! I have actually never taken “professional” maternity pictures and since this is my last pregnancy I figure now’s my chance! I do not want to do any bare belly/ revealing pictures. Just something cute and special. We will also be using this family picture for our Christmas photo. For more info on photo Christmas cards go to:

So… if you are interested in 50 FREE holiday cards from Shutterfly sign up at:

~Runner Mom

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