Is it a Wolf? A Dog? No, it’s a DEER!

Is it a Wolf? A Dog? No, it’s a DEER!

This morning I met Shannon for a 4 mile run before church this morning. I have not really been running a Sunday mornings this whole pregnancy but I did 3 last week since it was “fall back” and I had an “extra” hour. I felt like it was a great way to start the week and it was such a peaceful and quiet run. I didn’t leave early enough last week and was a little too rushed for church so I left earlier today. When we started it was 35 degrees but gorgeous outside. Our pace was slow… 11 minute miles. But I can’t complain. I am learning to run through side stitches and bladder issues. On the last stretch of the run (we had finished 3.7) I heard a lot of movement in the woods by the creek next to me. I saw something that at first looked like a wolf but then I thought dog. Suddenly it leaped out in front of me and bounded across the path. It was a deer. Closely behind it was another deer. I have run on this path hundreds of times and I’ve NEVER seen a deer. What a way to finish a run! I’m really glad it wasn’t a wolf!

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