A GREAT run- even at 7 months pregnant!

A GREAT run- even at 7 months pregnant!

5 miles in 46 minutes (9:12 min. miles)!!!

Yes, this morning was the best run I’ve had in months! Probably since the first trimester when I was still fast and somewhat normal. (Well, as normal as you can be with morning sickness and crazy hormones.) Usually on Wednesday mornings I meet a running friend at 8 for 4 miles. Then, John and I meet at the speech building at 9 where Anna has class on Wednesday’s and we exchange vehicles and I pick up the kids. This morning it was raining so my friend ran on the treadmill at Health Corp and I decided to run on a treadmill at Harding. I really wanted to get in 5 since this Saturday is the Bison Stampede 5K and I’ll be jogging it with Abi. I had less than 50 minutes before I needed to meet John. Sometimes when I’m in a time crunch I pull out some fast workouts! After each mile I bumped up the speed. At the end, I even did a half mile at an 8 minute pace! I felt great the whole time. The only issue was my bladder. Ashton is so low and I typically stop at 2 or 3 miles to use the restroom. I knew that would take up too much time so I pushed through it. Once I stopped running, of course I didn’t even need to go anymore. So I made it in time to meet John at 9. I am so glad I got that run in! Even rainy days can produce great workouts! I am already feeling a little stiff so I know I’ll be sore. But it was worth it!

~Runner Mom

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