A Good Way to End the Week…

A Good Way to End the Week…

Well, I ended up just running 4 days this week. I could have easily gone yesterday but I just wanted to be lazy. How’s that for honesty! Not really a good reason but at this point in the pregnancy I’m not as motivated as I once was. I did run an easy 3 on Thanksgiving morning and went 5 this morning. I think it was my fastest outside 5 in a while. (9:39 avg.) John was planning on golfing at 9 so I had to hurry and get back. I did both runs with a friend who recently started training for the Little Rock Marathon. So… my weekly total was 16 miles. Not the best but it could have been worse. I’m just going to keep aiming for at least 15 weekly as long as I can. 6 more weeks or less!

~Runner Mom

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