Caught in the Rain…

Caught in the Rain…

Today I met my friend for our usual Wednesday morning 4 mile run. Unfortunately, just a quarter mile into the run, it started POURING down rain. Now, in the past I have definitely done my fair share of running in the rain. There was the 9 mile pace run I did in the wee hours of the morning with Kem when it rained and was pitch dark the entire run. Then there was the hardest run ever- the one when we had to do our 17 mile long run during marathon training and it rained the WHOLE TIME. That was by far the worst. However, I am NOT in a position to do that these days. There is no sane reason for me to be running in the rain like that at 7 1/2 months pregnant. So… instead of completely calling it quits I went in Health Corp with Leslie and we did another 2 1/2 miles on the indoor track. 19 laps equal a mile so there was a lot of turning and passing elderly walkers. It was not ideal but at least I got in 3.

Went to my OB yesterday and we scheduled my C-section date. It is scheduled for 1-11-11. (Yes, that is a very cool date!) I thought it would be the 10th but he is already in surgery the morning of the 11th so he asked if we could do it then. Sure. I am *hoping* this little guy comes earlier anyway on his own like his big brother did. Anthony came a week BEFORE my scheduled c-section date which was a nice surprise. The girls just took their time and were in no rush to get out. We’ll see how Ashton is. So less than 9 weeks to go. Hopefully, everything will continue to go smoothly….

~Runner Mom

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