A better run…

A better run…

After yesterday’s run I was kind of dreading heading back out again this morning. The plan was to run 4 and *try* to make it without stopping to find a bathroom. The first mile felt like a repeat of yesterday. I was reminded again of how hard this is and self-doubt and negativity began to creep back in. Forget making it to the end of the pregnancy- can I even make it to week 33? Mile 2 was a little better but still tough. By mile 3 I was actually feeling good. I ran mile 4 at a 9:17 avg. and when I finished I thought to myself- “Why not do one more to make it 5?” I was actually feeling good and motivated- 2 things that are pretty RARE these days. So I did one more at a 9:27 pace which brought my overall average to a 9:50 mile. (Yes, the first 2 were pretty slow!) I felt great when I was done and SO glad I pushed myself to do it. 5 Miles!

So now on to face the rest of the day. Let’s be productive!
~Runner Mom

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