19 Miles and going strong…

19 Miles and going strong…

It’s been a good week. I ran 4 days and did: 4, 5, 5 and 5. One of the 5’s was at a 9:20 pace. Yes, at any other time that would be slow but that pace is actually enough to make me sore these days! My quad’s are still feeling it! I am about to start 32 weeks so I am feeling pretty good about heading into Month 8 still running. My next short term goal (besides making it through the week) is making it to week 36. Can I make it 4 more weeks? Ashton is so low and getting so heavy. Which is good. I know he will really start putting on weight these next few weeks. We have an ultrasound next week so I am anxious to see how big he is measuring. The hardest thing about running remains to be dealing with a baby bouncing on my bladder. Obviously that issue will not change (in fact, it will only get harder) until he is born. But I’m learning to deal with it. Hopefully all of this will make running seem easier when I start back up again. We’ll see.

Below is a picture from yesterday at Abi’s Thanksgiving Day Feast at school. All I can say is- I am looking LARGE. Red is NOT the most flattering color to wear these last few weeks. I told John I think I resemble a tomato!
~Runner Mom

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