Month: November 2010

A Good Way to End the Week…

Well, I ended up just running 4 days this week. I could have easily gone yesterday but I just wanted to be lazy. How’s that for honesty! Not really a good reason but at this point in the pregnancy I’m not as motivated as I once was. I did run an easy 3 on Thanksgiving morning and went 5 this

A better run…

After yesterday’s run I was kind of dreading heading back out again this morning. The plan was to run 4 and *try* to make it without stopping to find a bathroom. The first mile felt like a repeat of yesterday. I was reminded again of how hard this is and self-doubt and negativity began to creep back in. Forget making

Why am I doing this again?!
Why am I doing this again?!

32 Weeks Today! Today was one of those days that I did NOT feel like running. Of course I was glad when I was done that I did it but I was not in the mood the ENTIRE run. It’s getting so hard. I am trying to take it one run at a time. I only did 3. I averaged

19 Miles and going strong…
19 Miles and going strong…

It’s been a good week. I ran 4 days and did: 4, 5, 5 and 5. One of the 5’s was at a 9:20 pace. Yes, at any other time that would be slow but that pace is actually enough to make me sore these days! My quad’s are still feeling it! I am about to start 32 weeks so

Treadmill Time

Yes, it was another rainy day. I really needed to run since I took yesterday off. My wonderful mother-in-law offered to keep both kids this morning so I could have some quiet time. To me, running definitely falls under that category. It is the most valued “Me Time” I have and I treasure it! We have not purchased our own

Runner Mom and Shutterfly

Yes, I am super excited about a special promotion Shutterfly is doing. Basically, they are giving away 50 free Christmas cards if you blog about it! Personally, I have been using Shutterfly for about 4 years now. I’ve made “Baby’s First Year” albums for my youngest two on Shutterfly and every year at Christmas I make a smaller album for

Is it a Wolf? A Dog? No, it’s a DEER!

This morning I met Shannon for a 4 mile run before church this morning. I have not really been running a Sunday mornings this whole pregnancy but I did 3 last week since it was “fall back” and I had an “extra” hour. I felt like it was a great way to start the week and it was such a

Caught in the Rain…

Today I met my friend for our usual Wednesday morning 4 mile run. Unfortunately, just a quarter mile into the run, it started POURING down rain. Now, in the past I have definitely done my fair share of running in the rain. There was the 9 mile pace run I did in the wee hours of the morning with Kem

A very FUN 5K with my girl!
A very FUN 5K with my girl!

The home stretch… That’s my girl! Finishing strong! Me and my girl after the 5K This morning was the Bison Stampede 5K here in Searcy. It was a very casual, relaxed race. In fact, they don’t even pass out numbers or give out awards. The course is relatively flat and makes a big loop around Harding and the neighborhoods near

A GREAT run- even at 7 months pregnant!

5 miles in 46 minutes (9:12 min. miles)!!! Yes, this morning was the best run I’ve had in months! Probably since the first trimester when I was still fast and somewhat normal. (Well, as normal as you can be with morning sickness and crazy hormones.) Usually on Wednesday mornings I meet a running friend at 8 for 4 miles. Then,