It was a good week…

It was a good week…

Our family at the Memphis Zoo

This week I stepped it up a notch. Maybe it was all the excitement of registering for the Boston Marathon. Maybe it was because so many of my friends from church and the community ran in a nearby Half Marathon yesterday. Whatever the reason, I had a good week running. I ran 5 days which hasn’t happened since the first trimester. Monday- 3 miles, Tuesday- 3 miles, Wednesday- 4 miles, Thursday- 4 miles, Friday- lots of walking at the zoo (this was just a bonus), and Saturday- 5 miles with John. In total- 19 miles run! This is not a lot by normal means but for entering the 3rd trimester tomorrow, I am feeling pretty good about it.

Right now I am working on my tentative Boston training schedule. It is unlike ANY training schedule I have ever made. Of the 14 weeks- 4 are complete resting weeks. (This is my recovery time.) Then I gradually build from walking to walk/ running to just running. I only have time to put in one 20 mile run which isn’t ideal but most marathon training schedules are based on 18 weeks plus you begin with a base of at least 6 miles. My base will be 0 and my training weeks are half of what a normal plan would be. I am hoping that my pre-pregnancy and pregnancy mileage will help in the getting back in shape training process. Only time will tell. In the meantime I will keep chugging away. 10 minute plus miles and bathroom stops every 2 miles or so. It’s all part of the current Runner Mom!

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