Month: October 2010

It was a good week…

Our family at the Memphis Zoo This week I stepped it up a notch. Maybe it was all the excitement of registering for the Boston Marathon. Maybe it was because so many of my friends from church and the community ran in a nearby Half Marathon yesterday. Whatever the reason, I had a good week running. I ran 5 days

Boston Registration MADNESS!!

27 weeks pregnant! Yesterday registration for the 115th Boston Marathon opened. 8 hours later Registration was closed- in record time! CRAZY!! I went on to register in the morning as planned. For the past 8 months I have planned on registering and the “deferring” my entry to April, 2012. According to the website, you could defer one time. This year

Getting S l o w e r . . . .

This pic was taken 2 weeks ago. 13 more weeks to go! I am turning into a turtle. I am not complaining because at least I am still running. I am 26 weeks and still able to run 3-5 miles but I can definitely tell a big difference in my pace. 10 minute miles is the new average. I am