Running for Two…

Running for Two…

(Back of shirt)

(Front of shirt)

(Abi took this one of me at 20 weeks)

This is a cute shirt I found online a while ago. I think it runs a little small because I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze into it much longer!
Running this week has been a little slow. I only ran 3 days (which I have been running 4 days a week). I did a 4 mi, 3 mi and this morning a 5 mile. I am about to start 21 weeks so I still have a long way to go. I feel pretty good and thankful to be in the second trimester.
John’s parents kept all 3 kids last night so we had a date night and a QUIET house this morning. It seems very strange to be home with no kids! We had a nice dinner together and were able to talk uninterrupted. Pretty soon we’ll have another little one to add to the mix and I know he’ll add his own special personality just like each of the others do. 🙂

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