Falling Down…

Falling Down…
Falling Down…

No runner wants to fall down during a run- ESPECIALLY not a pregnant runner! I can’t remember a time I have ever fallen down while running– until Saturday morning. First, let me say- my belly- more importantly my BABY did not get harmed or hurt at all. Thank you God! I was able to protect my stomach at all costs. My friend and I were 4 1/2 miles through our 5 mile run. We were on a sidewalk on the home stretch and in the middle of the sidewalk was a man hole cover that was apparently upside down and a little loose. The deceiving thing was that it looked like it was on just fine and I ran over it. I have run over hundreds of man hole covers in my life and I’ve never had a problem- until Saturday. As soon as I stepped on it, the cover flipped and I felt myself falling. Fortunately, my foot did not fall through the hole. As I fell I just kept thinking, “Do NOT let my belly hit the ground!” I landed on my hands and knees. My palms and knees were a little banged up but that was the extent of my injury. My doctor warned me early on in my pregnancy that the thing to be most careful about with running while pregnant was to watch my footing. I am always mindful of this but even more so during my pregnancy. My balance did not affect my fall. The cover was on wrong and even if I had not been pregnant I would have fallen because of it. I am very thankful to be ok but more importantly baby Ashton is ok!
p.s. The picture above is not the actual man hole cover I stepped on but looks very similar to the one I am describing!

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