Boy or Girl??

Boy or Girl??

Yes, tomorrow morning is our big ultrasound. We are bringing all the kids with us. I am so excited!! We actually have the nursery set up (very early I know!) and it will be nice to start planning. I PRAY that everything is going well with our little one. These appointments are always a little scary because I think about the “what if’s.” I know God will take care of our baby. Good health is such a blessing and I need to be more mindful of that. Especially when it comes to the health of little ones!

So…. running is going well. At least as well as it can for someone 17 weeks pregnant. On Saturday I ran 10 miles with my running girls. It was GREAT! I felt fine the whole time. We stopped twice for water and bathrooms. We ended up averaging a 9:40 pace. They all just started their training for the Half. I know they will be starting some fast runs so I am just going to go with them on their “slower” days when I can. The Half is now 10 weeks from this Saturday. John and I are planning on run/ walking it together at a comfortable pace- as long as my OB continues to think it is fine. His biggest advice to me was to watch my footing. It helps to have a goal when it comes to exercising. My goal is to make it to the Half and after that I will drop the mileage. I am guessing it will range from 2-5 miles a run. We’ll see. That seems very far away!

Right now I am just making it to our big appointment tomorrow!


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