Month: August 2010

The Boston Party

One of my close running friend’s joked this past spring that if she ever qualified for Boston we would have a huge Boston Party at her house. She worked very hard this summer and did it! With Kem and I qualifying in December, Shannon qualifying in April, Tish was the 4th one to qualify when she ran in July. Then

The Decision

This past Saturday morning I met my running buddy for our regular Saturday morning long run. We had planned to run 10, and as with any summer run, we planned on stopping a few times for water. When we left at 6:30 it was already 80 degrees with high humidity. I felt fine. We stopped for water at mile 2.5,

It’s a BOY!!

Our ultrasound went great!! The tech was able to tell us right away that we are having a little BOY! She also said that he is measuring right on track and looked healthy. What a blessing!! God is so good!

Boy or Girl??

Yes, tomorrow morning is our big ultrasound. We are bringing all the kids with us. I am so excited!! We actually have the nursery set up (very early I know!) and it will be nice to start planning. I PRAY that everything is going well with our little one. These appointments are always a little scary because I think about