Runner Mom is PREGNANT!!

Runner Mom is PREGNANT!!

Yes, I am officially 15 weeks pregnant today. Number 4 is on the way! We waited to tell the general public until week 13 so I really didn’t want anything out there on my running blog. I am due January 10th, 2011. We are very excited about it. This is our last one so I am trying to treasure each milestone. (Although I don’t think I will ever “miss” the nausea/ food issue of the first trimester!)
I must admit that the first trimester of this pregnancy was the easiest of the four. Very similar to my pregnancy with Anthony. I was VERY thankful that I wasn’t as sick as I was with the girls. I love my girls but the early weeks of my pregnancies with both of them were HARD! And speaking of boys and girls… we should find out in 2 weeks what we are having!! We are praying for a healthy baby and I know boy or girl he or she will fit right in.
Since this is a running blog, I will share some of my latest challenges with running for two…
Let me begin by saying that for my first 3 pregnancies I pretty much stopped all forms of exercise by week 6. I did randomly jog a 5K when I was 7 months pregnant with Abi and I walked a 5K a few days before I had Anna. Other than that I occasionally walked in the 2nd or 3rd trimester with all 3 but not reguarly. I decided before getting pregnant with # 4 that I would like to run throughout my next pregnancy if at all possible. SO much easier said than done. Once learning I was pregnant, my short-term running goal was to make it to Week 12. I told myself it would get easier once I made it to Week 12. At the end of week 4 I ran my last 5K road race- the one pictured below. (It was Abi’s first 5K.) I knew while I was running it that it would be my last fast race for a while. I kept up one long run of 10 or 11 miles a week until 8. I remember I did 11 miles at an 8:30 pace at week 8. That was my last fast long run. Weeks 9-12 were tough!! Once I finally made it to week 12 I was actually so frustrated and contemplated whether it was even worth it to keep running. My times were so much slower and it was almost impossible to wake up early to run. I went from running 5 days a week to 4 days and the past few weeks it has been just 3 days. We have been on 2 recent vacations so I am hoping to get back to 4 days if possible. I know there is not much I can do about my time/pace. A 10 minute mile now feels like what an 8 minute mile used to feel like. I run out of breath, have to use the restroom, want to stop and walk, etc… BUT I will keep on going while I can. If you see someone coming down the trail huffing and puffing- it’s probably me! 🙂
That’s all for now…
~Runner Mom

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