Toad Suck!!

Toad Suck!!

I was going to come up with a fun title for this post but nothing is crazier than the title of the race itself. Yes, it is called the Toad Suck 5K/10K and it is held the first weekend in May every year in Conway, AR. I have always wanted to do this race but it never worked out timing-wise. In college it was right before finals weekend and then later it was because I was always pregnant or nursing and the 45 minute trip seemed too inconvenient.

It was actually a very organized event. It was a nice, flat course. The 10K and 5K runners all started together and ran the first 1.25 miles together. The finish was great- it was 300 meters around the high school track. I LOVED the feeling of finishing that way. It made me feel like I was in high school or college during track season. We even wore a chip on our shoes like we do in longer distance events. I have never worn a chip for a 5k. The only negative would be that I pre-registered for a certain shirt size two weeks ago and when I picked up my packet they were already out of that size. Not a big deal. There were larger sizes or children’s sizes so I just got a shirt for Rocky to wear as a new night shirt.

As for the race itself… My first mile was fast. Maybe a little too fast… 6:04. Mile two was 6:28 and mile three was 6:36. Then there was the .10. So obviously I started to slow down too much. My finish time was 20:04. SO close to breaking 20. I felt pretty good about it. I also came in first female overall (and 12th overall) so that was a nice bonus.

There is another 5K in 2 weeks in Searcy so I am going to sign up for that one too. Gotta love the spring racing season!


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