Month: April 2010

STRIDE to Prevent Suicide 5K

This morning was a local 5K- Stride to Prevent Suicide. It was NOT my best 5K but it was fun running in my hometown and with friends. The race started late (about 30 minutes behind schedule) and I had a side stich from the start. Talk about annoying! My goal was to break 20 minutes but after adding my splits

Spring is here and I’m LOVING it!

This picture was taken on Easter Sunday. I can’t believe we actually got one with everyone looking at the camera at the same time! The kids have really been enjoying the warmer weather. We’ve been spending more and more time outside. I have not taken them out in the double jogger yet but I’m getting closer…This weekend is the Searcy

Capital City Classic 10K- April 3, 2010

Yesterday was my first 10K in a LONG time. I have decided that a 10K is a HARD race. It is too short a distance to pace slow. It is too long a distance to go too fast. Does that make sense? To me a Half Marathon is much easier because of the whole pace thing. It was a good