A New Running Habit…

A New Running Habit…
A New Running Habit…

My Garmin and my new favorite post-running drink!

Yes, I have become a big fan of Mountain Mudd’s APB, Half Colada with protein smoothie. Yes, it’s a long drink order but SO delicious! I treat myself to one a week after the hardest workout- usually my long run. I went ahead and bought a pre-paid drink card (10 medium drinks) because it is $1.50 cheaper per drink to do it that way. (Thanks for the tip, Kem!)

So here is the run-down for the week:

Sunday- Off
Monday- 8 mi.
Tuesday- 3.5 mi.
Wednesday- 6.5 mi.
Thursday- 10.5 mi.
Friday- Off
Saturday- 2

Total- 30.5 miles

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