Easy week… very nice!

Easy week… very nice!
Easy week… very nice!

Abi and I on her 5th birthday, this past week. My little girl is growing up!

Last week I was able to clock in 30 without any trouble. I even took 2 days off… very nice!!

Sunday- 5 mi.
Monday- 8 mi.
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- 4 mi.
Thursday- Off
Friday- 10 mi.
Saturday- 3 mi.

This was the second week in a row I’ve done a “long” run (10 mi.) and it was great. We didn’t even have to stop for drinks or bathroom. Since I took two days off instead of one my total mileage wasn’t as high as it has been for the past two weeks but it felt great for my body. Tomorrow morning I am meeting at Health Corp to go with the running class so I’m hoping we’ll go at least 7 or 8. It will be a bust week so I am hoping just to get in at least 30. We’ll see said the blind man…

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