Month: July 2009

Back from Vacation… I miss running on the beach!

Well, we’ve been back almost a week now and obviously it has taken me that long to get back online to my running blog. We had a great time and I actually got 3 days of running in. I even met a friend from Searcy who happened to be vacationing there at the same time. We met one morning at

A New Running Habit…

My Garmin and my new favorite post-running drink! Yes, I have become a big fan of Mountain Mudd’s APB, Half Colada with protein smoothie. Yes, it’s a long drink order but SO delicious! I treat myself to one a week after the hardest workout- usually my long run. I went ahead and bought a pre-paid drink card (10 medium drinks)

Easy week… very nice!

Abi and I on her 5th birthday, this past week. My little girl is growing up! Last week I was able to clock in 30 without any trouble. I even took 2 days off… very nice!! Sunday- 5 mi. Monday- 8 mi. Tuesday- Off Wednesday- 4 mi. Thursday- Off Friday- 10 mi. Saturday- 3 mi. This was the second week