One HOT week!!

One HOT week!!

Yes, the temperature was pretty much at 100 degrees every day this week. My goal when it is all said and done is still 35 miles. Monday was the worst run of the week. I went at 8:15 with the running class at Health Corp. We ran 5.5 in the humidity on hills at about an 8:40 avg. pace and it wore me out! Today was my longest run since the Half Marathon and it felt GREAT. I even treated myself to a protien fruit smoothie when it was over. Delicious!! Tomorrow I’m running at 7 with the running class so hopefully that will go better than Monday!

This week in mileage: 35
Sunday- 5
Monday- 5.5
Tuesday- 6
Wednesday- 3.5
Thursday- 10
Friday- 5 (that’s the plan)
Saturday- REST

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