Most Mileage yet… & NEW SHOES!

Most Mileage yet… & NEW SHOES!
Most Mileage yet… & NEW SHOES!
Rocky and Abi wearing our stuff.
Abi’s wearing my running shirt-
“My sport is your sport’s punishment.”

Well, last week was my best week as far as mileage is concerned. On Thursday I went 8.5 with Kem in the heat of the morning. Friday I went at 6:15 (a.m.) with Meg and it was wonderful. The temperature was so much more bearable. I may actually convert to early a.m. runs temporarily. Meg and I did 5.5 which brought my week to a grand total of ….36 miles. I have had two weeks of 60 before but that was back in college- which was all in my former running life. 36 is the most I have had in about 8 years! Anyway, Friday night I did Body Pump and Saturday I took the day off and went to bed early. Today I started back at 0 but am now at 5. I got new running shoes and wore them tonight. They felt GREAT! This past week my right knee had been hurting for the first 2-3 minutes of each run. I wasn’t sure if it was the shoes, the mileage or what. But tonight everything felt great so maybe I just needed the new shoes. Hopefully I will be able to continue a base of 35 mi. We’ll see how this week goes. It’s supposed to be over 100 this week!

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