Late Night = No Running!

Late Night = No Running!
Late Night = No Running!
Casey and I- Body Pump Buds
Jana, Meg & I- Running Friends

just me!

Well, I’ve been running twice since my last post. Friday morning I went 7 in the heat of the morning with the running class. One word- HOT! Saturday I did not run- just did Body Pump. Push-ups are getting easier. Last night (Sunday night) I went 5 with Meg and Jana. I came home and before going to bed Anthony woke up hysterical. He ended up staying awake crying until almost 3! Then Anna woke up crying with a fever so the night was bad all around. I had planned on running this morning but getting 4 1/2 hours of sleep when you are a person that depends on 8 does not make for good running so I called Kem to tell her I was out for the day. Instead I took Anna and Anthony to the doctor and I’m so glad I did. Anthony has an ear infection and Anna is showing signs of bronchitis. They are both on antibiotics now. Our doctor said they should both be much better within 24 hours. I am hoping to run in the morning with Kem. We’ll just have to see how tonight goes… 🙂

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