Month: June 2009

One HOT week!!

Yes, the temperature was pretty much at 100 degrees every day this week. My goal when it is all said and done is still 35 miles. Monday was the worst run of the week. I went at 8:15 with the running class at Health Corp. We ran 5.5 in the humidity on hills at about an 8:40 avg. pace and

Most Mileage yet… & NEW SHOES!

Rocky and Abi wearing our stuff.Abi’s wearing my running shirt-“My sport is your sport’s punishment.” Well, last week was my best week as far as mileage is concerned. On Thursday I went 8.5 with Kem in the heat of the morning. Friday I went at 6:15 (a.m.) with Meg and it was wonderful. The temperature was so much more bearable.

Hot Runs on some Hot Days…

Yes, it is blazing outside. I know I need to go earlier in the morning but I need to get my kids all sleeping through the night first. Anyway… Tuesday morning Kem and I went 8 around a 9 minute pace. Then today I went 5 with the running class (same pace). It was harder today than yesterday because of

Late Night = No Running!

Casey and I- Body Pump Buds Jana, Meg & I- Running Friends just me! Well, I’ve been running twice since my last post. Friday morning I went 7 in the heat of the morning with the running class. One word- HOT! Saturday I did not run- just did Body Pump. Push-ups are getting easier. Last night (Sunday night) I went

Harder with jogging strollers?

Yes, today we went on a “family run.” When we do this, John pushes the double jogger and I push the single jogger so we can all go together. I enjoy these runs because we get to go with the kids but it is definitely a workout! We went 3 1/2, although it felt like 7. Today was a nice

2 More Morning Runs…

Yesterday I went running on a Sunday morning for the first time in a LONG time. I met Meg at 6:55 and I must say it is a different world out there at that time. There was hardly any traffic, the weather was great- I could get used to this! We did 6 miles, partly on the trail and then

Another week done…

Yesterday I did 8 with the running class. Afterwards my legs were pretty tired so I put off doing Body Pump until today. I am not planning on running today since I am at almost 30 for the week. I am planning on going a few in the morning with Meg. Marathon update… I recently realized that I will need

A nice run with my sweetie…

This morning a good friend from church wanted to watch the kids for me (yes- they called me and asked when they could keep my kids this week!) so I had an hour and a half to myself! John and I decided to go for a jog together with no children since we haven’t done that since our half marathon

My first run with the best watch ever…

Before I go on and on about the best running watch ever…check out my 8 roses from my sweetheart. He got them for me for our 8 year anniversary. He really went all out this year! SO… today I got to run with my new watch. It is the best invention for runners EVER. It was so easy to use

Happy Anniversary- I Gotta Garmin!!

Yes, today John and I have been married 8 years. We celebrated by going to Memphis for the day. We brought Anna and spent the day just shopping and talking. It was great! I got two new skillets for cooking, some new running clothes and something else I am SO excited about… a new running watch! A worker at Dick’s