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San Francisco Marathon Training Cycle Details

This is it.  Just a couple more days until I head to San Francisco to put months of training into one race!  I know I’ve done my best and I’m anxious to put it to the test Sunday morning.  I think no matter how long I’ve been running I am constantly learning about the sport. This summer I’ve experienced and

The Birthday Run- 12!

Summer is flying by and marathon training is in full swing!  We made it back home from our recent family vacation and I did absolutely no blogging so I’m a couple days behind on posting this. I know I have a 5k to report but first I wanted to recap my favorite run of the year- a special birthday run! 

Run, Walk, and Boom 5k

My family has a history of running and racing together so it’s no surprise that we usually find a local race whenever we all get together. A 5k in a strange city? Sounds great!  We found the Run, Walk, and Boom 5k several months ago when we had our trip dates set but I waited until about two weeks before

Go! Mile 2016: RRCA National One Mile Championship

To a distance runner is there really any distance more intimidating than the mile?  Just thinking about racing all out for one mile makes me tired… and nervous.  I know one of the best things you can do to improve as a runner is to get out of your comfort zone so races like Go! Mile and the Arkansas Runner

Arkansas Runner 2 Miler: 2016 edition

It’s always a little intimidating to follow up a race distance after a PR. Back in March I unexpectedly set a new 2 mile personal best time- finally beating my time from 1997!  I went into that race with zero expectations since it was 6 days after a marathon but once I got out there everything just clicked and I

Training, Missing a Race Start, and Trying to “Do It All.”

Thanks for the many sweet comments after my interview last week. I was extremely honored (and nervous) about being interviewed by THV 11 out of Little Rock for Global Running Day.  The kids LOVED being a part of it.    For anyone who missed it the link to my interview can be found here.  I had no idea what the

From a C-section to a 5 Minute Plank

This article was originally posted in 2013. Having a c-section, let alone four of them, was never in my birth plan.  In fact, the day it was discussed in my childbirth class I honestly wasn’t listening because I assumed that was just something that happened to other women.  I planned on having a natural delivery and would only consider using

Arkansas Runner Mom-Tracy Tungac

They say competition makes you better and this has definitely been the case for me and a friend I’ve come to know through racing in Arkansas. I first met Tracy at the River Trail 15k in 2013. I followed her the entire race and although I never caught up to her she did push me to run my first sub

Rock Run 8k- 2016 edition

The 8k is an interesting distance to race. Maybe one of these years I’ll learn to race it right! This was my second year to run the Rock Run 8k (4.97 miles) and while I did set a “PR” by a whopping 6 seconds I know I have some work to do. Pre-Race Friday night Anna had a softball game

Pacing a sub 20 min 5k and my next big race!

Last weekend I was able to run with one of my favorite running partners ever- my sister!  We don’t see each other very often because she lives in Connecticut so when we do get together we work in time to run and try to find a local race.  Typically we race on our own but since she came less than